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Our Mission: Empowering Exemplary Scholars to Become Pioneering Leaders of Tomorrow



Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award


The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a one-time award (up to one-thousand Ghana Cedis / approx. two hundred and fifty US Dollars in school aid) for the sole benefit of the awarded recipient. Funds will be issued directly to the awarding candidate's school. The scholarship covers: tuition fees, costs for excursions, meal plans, school supplies/materials and other program related costs for the benefit of the student. Students in STEM programs are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications must be turned in no later than December 31 of the current year. Winners will be notified and awarded by May of the following year. Please see application forms near the bottom of the page to download and apply.


This scholarship was created as a dedication to the memory of Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah, who is the late mother of Christiana ‘Nana’ Afotey. This award will serve as a conduit in cultivating and carrying on her mother's legacy, aide in community re-investment and contribute to building a brighter future for children all over Ghana. Our Threads by Dreads Foundation is offering scholarships for high school and college students in Ghana. In the past, we offered scholarships to high school students only. Starting January 15, 2018, applications go live and will be available for high school and college students to apply. 


Biography of the late Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah

Fedelia Adokailey Mensah was born on January 21,1946, Dodowa, Ghana. Fedelia is the daughter of Emmanuel Isaac Bortey Nii-Akai and Christiana Fofo Kwei. She was raised in Dodowa a suburb of Accra and sacrificed going to school for some years to care for her younger brothers and sisters during her adolescent years. Mrs. Mensah graduated from Bantama Senior High School 1965 and had a passion for gardening all throughout her life. She was a good student and a great athlete who excelled in school, and won several prizes and trophies in both local and regional competitions. 


She married her long time sweetheart, Seth Mensah Afotey on March 26, 1977 in Tema Community One Presbyterian Church, after their traditional wedding in 1969. Fedelia and Seth raised four wonderful children; Sarah, Sam, Henry and Christiana. Fedelia and Seth would have celebrated forty-six years of marriage on March 26, 2015. Fedelia was a very industrious woman. She attended Essex County College from 1985 - 1986. 


In 1992 Fedelia was certified by the State of New Jersey to be a home health aid assistant. She worked in the Accounting division for Macy’s for several years before working for the United States Postal Service as a Clerk Representative. From there she would go on to be a successful award-winning  sales representative and business owner for more than thirty years. Fedelia was a devoted God-fearing Christian woman and attended First Presbyterian Church of Gallatin, Tennessee. In late 2011, Fedelia was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mrs. Mensah retired from her sales business to focus more on her health and family. Her brave and enduring fight with cancer quickly altered when the disease began to spread. Mrs. Fedelia A. Mensah, age 69, died on Friday, March 13, 2015 at a local hospital in Nashville Tennessee. She is survived by her husband, four children, five grandchildren, four brothers, five sisters, several cousins, nieces, nephews, relatives and family friends. Her uncompromising love, warm heart, beautiful smile, caring attitude, and selflessness will be cherished and missed forever.

Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah

1/21/1946 - 3/13/2015

<-On March 17, 2016, On behalf of the Threads by Dreads Foundation, we presented Principal Georgina Aglobitse, University of Cape Coast staff and scholars with their first installment of medical equipment and supplies for their infirmary. 


With past donations we are able to purchase school and medical supplies for scholars and staff at University of Cape Coast Primary School in Ghana.

Scholars of University of Cape Coast Primary School en route from Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. 

Our Founder, Christiana Afotey, with scholars of St. Olivet School in Accra. 

Congratulations to Joseph Papayaw Boadi for being the first recipient of our Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award.


Some facts about Joseph are that he loves to play table tennis, is an active member of the debate team at his school (St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School in Ghana), enjoys learning science, chemistry and reading. He also managed to maintain A's in all his subjects while being the voice of his community by volunteering at his local church.


On March 23, 2017, the Threads by Dreads Foundation honored Joseph for his excellent achievement and exemplary leadership displayed throughout his community.

Congratulations Joseph Papayaw Boad...We are all so proud of you!!


Joseph Papayaw Boadi

Saint Thomas Aquinas Senior High School in Accra, Ghana

2017 Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award Winner

Ruth Digban-Laar

Adu Gyamfi Senior High School in Ashanti Region, Ghana

2017 Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award Winner

Congratulations to Ruth Digban-Laar for being the second recipient of our Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award.

Ruth is a junior at Adu Gyamfi Senior High School in Jamasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana.


Ruth likes to patronize made in Ghana goods, is an advocate for women's rights, promotes a safe, clean and fair environment for the community she thrives in. She encourages the youth to take advantage of their right to education and vocational programs such as carpentry, masonry, construction and building amongst others for the advancement of her country.


Ruth maintained excellent grades, only missed one day of school the entire year, and also is known for being proactive with volunteering opportunities in her community.


On March 24, 2017, the Threads by Dreads Foundation honored Ruth for her excellent achievement and exemplary leadership displayed throughout her community.


Congratulations Ruth Digban-Laar...We're super proud of your accomplishments!

Francis Delali Sosu 

Mepe St. Kizito Senior Technical High School in Volta Region, Ghana

2018 Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award Winner

In partnership with the Proswrites Foundation & Our Threads by Dreads Foundation awarded Francis Delali Sosu with a full ride scholarship. Thank you to Paul, CEO of RPC Design for donating a very durable and well crafted backpack for Francis. I know he'll be so excited to wear it proudly!🇬🇭🙌🏾Thank you to Prosper, Founder and President at Proswrites Foundation for making this a reality and helping us present Francis with the Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award at St. Kizito Senior High Technical School in Ghana on April 26, 2018.

Here's the back story on our talented scholar, Francis: 
He's an avid Cross Country Runner in Volta Region, Ghana with his last race clocking him at 34:48:22 for the 5 mile run. Francis is passionate about generational wealth, family planning, a huge advocate for equality and women’s rights. Loves to support his made in Ghana local artisans. We asked him what he would do if he was selected for the Mrs. Adokailey Mensah Scholarship award and Francis said, “This award will enable me to further my education and help end poverty in my family.” Congratulations Francis! 

2019 Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award Recipient:

Emmanuel Seneadza of Cape Coast Technical University in Cape Coast, Ghana

Emmanuel Seneadza is an advocate for women's rights, teenage pregnancy, committed to stopping drug use amongst the youth and a exemplary leader of volunteerism for a number of local organizations here in Ghana. Emmanuel loves to infuse innovative ideas to increase economic empowerment and development. .
While organizing children activities, he also loves to protect the environment by eradicating food waste properly from households and protecting water bodies. He constantly promotes locally made goods, loves agricultural science and has a green thumb for farming. .
"Our Threads by Dreads Foundation is always in search of those who stride to take up leadership roles in our very own communities. These roles are never limited to academic achievements but work alongside many industrious works of an exemplary leader. We are constantly seeking ways in which we can move our community forward. Sharing knowledge and resources to help produce and sustain opportunities of advancement for our people...now and for our future generations."

Emmanuel, today we honor you and your outstanding academic achievements. You have come so far.....from the small farming village of Ve Kelenu in Volta Region to the prestigious Cape Coast Technical University, we will continue to lift you up and praise you!

Please accept our Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award as a token of our gratitude for your accomplishments towards your Business Management of Procurement and Supply Chain Management Degree. We are all so proud of you!!

2019 Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award Recipient:

Bernice Nartekie Nartey of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana

I traveled for the first time to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). I've always wanted to plant my feet on our country's first president's prestigious campus. I was honored, I felt alive, I was welcomed with so much love that I left feeling so full. .
There is a constant call of action from my ancestors, especially mom, that fuels my fire and chants keep going. In order for the legacy to exist, the journey must continue.

On 4.29.19, the Threads by Dreads Foundation honored Bernice Nartekie Nartey with the Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award. .
Here's how her story begins...
An impassioned leader of her community, Bernice has worked with Nneka Youth Foundation to for a number of volunteer activities including effective communicative and leadership skills. She also took on the role as Agricultural Facilitator. Ms. Nartey posses a keen eye for innovative scientific technologies used in irrigation and crop production. In High school she lead a team to produce lettuce, cabbage, carrots and mushrooms using hydroponic methods. 
Bernice faces adversity head on! Coming from Ningo Prampram District, part of a Ga Adangbe tribe, she refused to conform to cultural norms of a woman's place in the kitchen. She challenged herself to not only persevere through high school but to go a bit further and sprinkle a little more of her magic on the world. And so the journey for Bernice to be the next organic crop and animal farmer, has begun. "Our lands are so rich, our resources are so vast, and our people are so resiliently determined. This is exactly what Ghana needs!! The time is now for our future leaders of tomorrow to act on using available resources and skills to create the change we wish to see. The importance of goods and services via Ghanaian made products and services in Ghana will help produce jobs, build a more stable Ghanaian economy and impact the very communities we live and play in." - Christiana Afotey.


From all of the Directors of the Threads by Dreads Foundation, Bernice Nartekie Nartey, please accept the Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award to complete your Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management Degree. We're so proud of you!

Scholarship Application 

Please click on this link ----> Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award.

*Applications are due by December 31 of current year. 

*Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

*Donations made to the Threads by Dreads Foundation will continue to help achieve Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah's legacy through community service and partnerships between local and international organizations.


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